Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Efficient Flying

While most of us view traveling long distance as tiresome, irritating, and a waste of a precious day, I have figured out that some of my best multitasking can be done mid-flight. For instance, this post was written while flying over the Rockies, working, g-chatting with my besties, drinking a Bloody Mary, eating a sando, watching Bravo TV and listening to some amazing Christmas songs. Whoever said it all can't be done, obviously hasn't flown Virgin. Luckily the person next to me didn't show up, so not only did I have leg room for days in my emergency exit seat, but I had extra tray space and a place to set my large coat!

And with this post, I welcome Ria and myself back into the blogosphere. We took a mini hiatus while we had some serious funsies, but now we are back in the swing of things and ready to treat everyone with some Holiday magic.